NSW Fire Safety – Fire Safety Schedule correction, amendments and reissuance changes

NSW Government changes to how Fire Safety Schedules (FSS) are regulated are coming soon.

The process of correcting, amending and reissuing FSS is currently dependent upon the following triggers:

  • New building work requiring a Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate related to additions or alterations
  • Unauthorised building work subject to a Development Control Order issued by a consent authority where FSS is issued with a Fire Safety Order
  • Fire Safety Measures installed in a building subject to a Fire Safety Order issued by a consent authority

The relevant legislation Environmental Planning and Assessment (Development Certification and Fire Safety) Amendment (Fire Safety) Regulation 2022 commences 13 February 2023 and will enable a building owner to request correction, amendments and reissuance of FSS by a Certifier or Council in addition to existing triggers due to:

  • Errors or omissions on FSS whether minor or major
  • Lost or no previous FSS in local authority records due to a building being occupied before the regulatory system came in to force

Please refer to the NSW Legislation notifications website for copies of the Amending Regulation.

Further legislative changes to FSS are due from 1 August 2023 relating to:

  • Certifier must refer fire safety related performance-based matters for all Class 2-9 buildings to FRNSW after receiving an application for a Construction Certificate and after receiving an application for an Occupation Certificate
  • Councils and certifiers must use a mandatory FSS template for Class 1b to 9 buildings

More news on these FSS changes to follow soon…

Should you have any questions or just wish to find out more about FSS, Fire Safety Certificates and Annual Fire Safety Statements do not hesitate to contact [email protected]