Cooling Tower Risk Management Plans & Audits

The objective of the risk assessment and RMP is to identify and put in place control strategies to limit the growth and transmission of legionella bacteria. This is achieved by considering internal & external aspects and by considering actions that can be taken to reduce risk. The legislation governing the operation of cooling towers is State/Territory based and as such, the legislative requirements vary between States and Territories. Typically the legislation relating to cooling towers forms part of the Public Health related legislation (e.g. NSW Public Health Act, 2010), due to the potential operation of cooling towers which present a public health risk in the event of a legionella outbreak.

The Public Health Regulation 2012 requires an independent auditor to assess the compliance of a cooling water system with the requirements of the Risk Management Plan and the Public Health Regulation. The audit is a “desktop” document-based review which does not include a site visit and the audit is based on all relevant documentation being made readily available.

Since 2019, RiskTech has assisted a broad range of clients as their independent auditor of cooling tower systems including preparation of cooling tower audit report using Approved Form 2 and provide the certificate of audit completion to the occupier.

Further Information

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