EPS Risk Benchmarking

The aim of Risk Benchmarking is to assist our clients to improve their operational risk management, specifically in the area of asset protection, fire protection and life safety in respect to combustible composite panel construction.  This is achieved by applying RiskTech’s in-house developed Composite Panel Auditing Tool to measure key areas of composite panel risk management in an objective assessment.

This process comprises a qualitative risk benchmarking model to be applied to each of the facilities once a property underwriting review has been completed.  The system contains 17 risk elements which are each scored against a suite of defined risk management standards.

By defining the scores for each of these risk elements, each site can readily see what they need to do to improve their risk score.  This process will provide:

  • Objectives and achievable standards for asset protection which provides a pathway to risk improvement;
  • Each site’s risk performance benchmarked and readily compared once site inspections are completed;
  • Each site benchmarked against the other assessed facilities within the group’s portfolio;
  • Each site will be benchmarked against “industry” standard; and
  • Continual improvement in relation to risk management, which is a key part of the ISO 31000 approach to risk management.

Further Information

Would you like further information?  Please contact Mike McKelliget on [email protected] or 0416 109 332.