RiskTech iSurveys

RiskTech iSurvey provides a secure web-based database reporting system that allows RiskTech consultants to more efficiently and effectively collect risk information on site and report.  The database facilitates the use of tablet technology on site for real time reporting.  The system is currently being used to deliver underwriting reports and future versions will provide reporting capability for asbestos and hazardous materials as well as property risk requirements.  Click on the RiskTech iSurveys logo to request a quote for an underwriting survey now!

RiskTech iSurvey can be tailored for clients with large property portfolios to provide a single point of access to your risk data.  It can be incorporated into RiskTech Interactive to provide an end-to-end solution for collecting risk data, reporting, then managing this information using a real time, accessible, web based platform.  To talk to someone about tailoring a system to meet your specific property portfolio’s risk management needs, call the Product Manager, David Castro on 02 8745 2044.