Workers’ Compensation Scheme Updates 2015

Much is occurring across various workers’ compensation schemes to improve the focus and incentives around return to work and rehabilitation.

Comcare legislative changes are still sitting in front of parliament. Changes to the 1988 Act aim to shift the focus from compensation to return to work and lift the competition test to allow multistate employers to enter the national scheme.

WorkCover NSW is introducing changes from 30th June, which will see the most significant changes in a generation. There will be return to work incentives on individual claims and the premium calculation will change. Finer details are still to come from WorkCover. We will keep you posted.

SA is launching a new Return to Work scheme from 1 July 2015. Last October, the SA Parliament passed the Return to Work Act 2014. As part of the changes, ReturnToWorkSA has replaced WorkCoverSA to implement and manage the scheme. There will be changes to the premium calculation making it simpler and easier to understand, with the intent to reduce overall premiums. SA has also recently announced the scheme is fully funded.