Sprinkler Protection for Aged Care Homes now Required

 The fire sprinkler protection standard for low rise accommodation buildings, AS2118.4 has now been released. On 16 August 2012, the NSW Government announced that it would become mandatory for all residential aged care facilities to have an automatic sprinkler system installed. Proposed changes to the EP&A Act are currently on exhibition (http://www.planning.nsw.gov.au/proposals). This followed a public outcry after the tragic Quakers Hill nursing home fire which killed 11 residents.


Fire FightersA survey of aged care facilities indicated that almost 600 buildings containing 24,000 beds are not protected.

The new sprinkler standard requires fast response sprinklers to be provided in each room and in concealed spaces. Strong competition will arise with a number of new sprinkler contractors springing up and vying for business. However, if sprinkler protection is not correctly designed to protect all areas, in particular for commercial type kitchens, laundries and other hazardous areas, fire protection may still not be adequate.

Apart from providing superior fire protection and peace of mind for families and staff, there can also be savings to be made with reduced insurance premiums providing systems are properly designed and installed. RiskTech has many years experince with fire protection systems from project conception to final completion. We can help ensure that the correct sprinkler design, installation and maintenance procedures are implemented for your aged care facility.

RiskTech is a fully independent consultancy group, specialising in risk management services. We can provide complete fire safety audits to help ensure your aged care facilities have the benefit of best practice fire safety systems in place. Our underwriting reports are also well respected by major insurers and can assist your insurance broker to realise best market rates for your property insurance program.