Asbestos Risk Assessment and Management

Recent changes in legislation which came into effect on January 1st 2013 have highlighted the need for Property Owners, Asset Managers and Employers to ensure that asbestos risks are effectively managed and controlled. There is a strict obligation to manage and minimise exposure to employees, contractors, visitors and any other building occupants. To demonstrate due diligence and meet legislative compliance requirements we can develop systems which provide risk control strategies and include practical and effective solutions to manage the broad range of asbestos risk issues.

Asbestos Risk Assessment Audits

  • Surveys and Identification of asbestos containing materials (ACM)
  • Risk Assessment associated with ACM
  • Preparation of an Asbestos Register
  • Air monitoring services
  • Asbestos in soils risk assessment
  • Naturally Occurring Asbestos  NOA management Plans

Hazardous Materials Audits (Hazmat)

  • Review of Demolition plans and other associated works
  • Undertake detailed, intrusive audits of hazardous materials
  • Assessment of lead-based paints, PCB’s, and biological hazards
  • Site-specific risk assessment of other hazardous materials

Training, Site Induction and Communication Strategy

  • Design & delivery of asbestos training and awareness programs
  • Conduct of management and Executive briefing sessions
  • Preparation and Development of bespoke Communications Strategy

Asbestos Abatement

  • Project Management of Hazardous materials removal projects
  • Site monitoring services
  • Development of strategic options for abatement
  • Budgeting of abatement options
  • Site Induction programs
  • Development of site-specific risk assessment procedures

Management Programmes

  • Coordination of abatement programs
  • Asbestos management plans and review
  • Preparation of site-specific Asbestos Management Plans & procedures
  • Provision of operating procedures for employees, tenants and contractors
  • Assistance in Industrial Disputes

Further Information

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