Digging Deep to Manage Risk

RiskTech31K is an online risk management system powered by Tickit on Demand.  It provides our clients with a risk management framework consistent with ISO31000 which:

  • creates risk registers for each accountable manager
  • permits risk register update and regular sign off of control tasks
  • links relevant policy and procedure to risks and controls
  • provides detailed reporting and analysis

This  is a valued service; but clients are increasingly interested to know exactly what is happening in their business.

The RiskTech31K Incident Reporting module permits any employee or contractor to report an incident in a standard format  via the Internet

and also post evidence documents such as photographs or witness statements.

RiskTech31K permits our clients to work smarter by having an expert person triage all events within the company E.G.worker injury reports

This one expert can then utilise the software to take a range of actions including:

  • creating an action to follow up the submission of a workers compensation claim
  • conduct a root cause analysis
  • notify WorkSafe if required
  • notify senior managers if required
  • allocate a trackable, remedial action plan to any person within the company
  • the person with an action plan is given a deadline and remined on line to complete the plan

Eliminating paper based reporting delivers efficiency benefits and using the report writer provides  better reports and analysis

A client can use the Incident module to customise processes to track and manage a range of ares such as:

  • Hazard reporting and management
  • Customer Complaints
  • Maintenance plan tracking
  • Quality assurance programs

Perhaps the concept of embedding risk management at every level of the business is actually achievable. secure web browsing